2021 Ford Bronco Sport…Ford Bronco In a new look

2021 Ford Bronco Sport…Ford Bronco In a new look

2021 Ford Bronco Sport


It’s a blessed day at Ford Bronco Land. Not only has the Ford Bronco returned in a big way, but the revival of the stored nameplate brings a whole new Bronco which, according to the automaker, will carry Ford’s future promise of all-wheel drive cars and four-wheel drive trucks “built in the wild”. For those who are not interested in the right Bronco brand – in terms of size, price or equipment – the new Bronco brand brings us the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport compact, the first of the Ford 4x4s we hope to wear the Bronco badge. .

Confused? If the new full-size Ford Bronco 2021 is the Blue Oval’s great success in the Jeep Wrangler, think of the Ford Bronco Sport 2021 as the second missile directly aimed at the Cherokee Jeep and the smallest compass, especially the off-road Trailhawk variants . Despite Bronco’s name and all-terrain brand, Bronco Sport derives much of its chassis and mechanical bravery from the nearest Ford Escape, sharing up to 80% of its total with bread and butter Ford without truck.

“(Jeep) Wrangler will always have a loyal following,” said Martin French, managing director of Berylls Strategy Advisors, an automobile consultancy firm at Royal Oak. “But the symbol came back with revenge. Ford means business. It’s the shot that consumers and merchants want and need.”

Bronco, built from 1966 to 1996, developed a cult that follows and now demands high prices from collectors. He was arrested after the accused murderer O.J. Simpson tried to escape the police in white bronco on national television in 1994.

“We started this project several years ago,” said Winston Landin, Ford global director, Consumer Insights. “The main principle at the beginning was the fact that Bronco was indeed a brand and that there was a strong heritage about Bonco. This is important because the car will have to offer what is good for Bronco – the capacity, the durability and of course the design. There is a lot of emotional connection between people with this specific brand. ” ”

The all-new Bronco and Bronco Sport unveiled at a critical time for Ford. Its leaders expect bold gains in the market sector which has room for growth.

Ford Bronco will be built at the Wayne, Michigan auto assembly plant. Bronco Sport will be built at the Hermosillo plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Like the big Bronco, Bronco Sport is available in a range of special versions, although the differences are not very large. Put in neighborhood Bronco Sport base, the Big Bend trim adds additional equipment with required aesthetic accents, while the high quality exterior adds more luxury and a “sporty” attitude. It dominates the Bronco Sport Badlands and is also more efficient on all terrain than the Bronco Sport Group. Like the regular Bronco, Ford will also offer the first production limited edition, with the best parts in a complete package.


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