4 takeaways from Chiefs’ Week 2 loss to Ravens

4 takeaways from Chiefs’ Week 2 loss to Ravens

4 takeaways from Chiefs’ Week 2 loss to Ravens


The Kansas town Chiefs’ hopes for an ideal season came to an Associate in the Nursing finish at the hands of Lamar Jackson last night in a very gut-wrenching one-point loss on the road in Week two. fearless efforts from Patrick Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu were nearly enough to be the distinction, however, miscues on each side of the ball for Kansas town doomed the team within the fourth quarter.


For all of the response once the shut loss, the Chiefs due to losing the pairing against a battered port team that gave them each chance to place the Ravens away early. a complete lack of pass rush on defense, Associate in Nursingd Associate in Nursing uncharacteristically underwhelming performance from Tyreek Hill created this scrap an anomaly in what’s going to encourage be a really long 17-game season. It’s forever additional fun to win, and this game well-tried that Kansas town is conquerable, though it takes some late-game heroics to steal a win against them.


Early interceptions by Tyrann Mathieu, together with a pick-six on the game’s initial drive, were the sole defensive highlights for Kansas town against the port. the sport was marked by the Chiefs’ inability to induce stops or otherwise keep the Ravens off the sphere, that was the determiner on the last drive. It appeared that they’d one thing discovered within the half-moon, however, a complete lack of adjustment, once things got furry, was a part of the frustration for fans once the ultimate whistle measured.

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