Alaska earthquake : Magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska

Alaska earthquake : Magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska

Alaska earthquake : Magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of southern Alaska on Tuesday evening, rocking the Alaska Peninsula and raising fears of a tsunami briefly before officials say it failed there were no devastating waves.

The earthquake was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles southeast of Perryville on the densely populated peninsula of Alaska, and struck around 10:12 pm local time (2:12 am Wednesday ET).

The Alaska Peninsula emerges from the mainland of Alaska and is surrounded by the Aleutian Islands to the southwest.

No major damage was reported, if any, immediately. A tsunami warning was originally issued for southern Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula, but was canceled early Wednesday, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Anchorage Daily News reported that the warning has pushed people to higher areas in towns like Sand Point, an island of about 1,000 off the peninsula.

However, that doesn’t mean they slept through it: West said residents of small towns a hundred miles from the quake reported very strong vibrations and that they also felt more than 500 miles into the earthquake. Anchorage region.

Kodiak Police Sergeant “No damage was reported.” Mike Porter told The Associated Press Wednesday morning. “No injuries have been reported. Everything is symbolic.”

Kodiak is approximately 200 miles northeast of the epicenter.

The tsunami warning led to the evacuation of the inhabitants of the Sahel in order to obtain high ground. Social media posts showed long lines of people fleeing towns like Homer and Kodiak, while sirens sounded in the background.

Anchorage Daily News reported that the local high school has opened its doors to evacuees on Kodiak Island, as well as the local Catholic school.

People in Sand Point gathered at a high school until shortly after midnight, when officials gave an all-clear, Jordan Keeler, an Anchorage-based city administrator, told the newspaper.
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