Anonymous: Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell named in Epstein ring

Anonymous: Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell named in Epstein ring

Hacktivists Anonymous recently tweeted for a shocking shock

Hacktivists Anonymous recently tweeted for a shocking shock, and linked former model Naomi Campbell to the case of Jeffrey Epstein

Last night, a group of electronic activists known as Anonymous threatened the US government after the death of George Floyd. The reason given by the group is that if the government is not prepared to do justice, it will begin to expose some of the crimes that the United States is hiding.

Hours after the anonymous video arrived on the Internet, internet activists revealed the relationship between celebrities and the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking network. These names were Ivanka, Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, Chris Evans (English TV host, not Marvel’s actor), Jagger and Will Smith, to name a few.

Anonymous Naomi Campbell links the case to Jeffrey Epstein

After revealing a shocking shock about several public figures in the last row of the execution of George Floyd, Anonymous published a document called Little blacklist by Jeffrey Epstein. The leaked document is called Naomi Campbell alongside Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Phil Collins, Prince Andrew and Blair. In addition, they also leaked photos where Trump and Epstein were seen enjoying a party.

The documents also reveal that a woman sued Trump and Epstein claiming that she raped her at the age of thirteen. By sharing the link to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Black Book” on Twitter, Anonymous pulled the receipts and wrote: “Geoffrey Epstein was killed to cover your story about child trafficking and rape.”

The list containing hundreds of names was downloaded via a file on their social networks called “The Little Blacklist of Geoffrey Epstein”, where they showed all the people who attended the concerts organized by Geoffrey Epstein, where he said “child recruitment.”

The case of Jeffrey Epstein was so touching that Netflix released a documentary about her. The businessman, after proving his guilt, allegedly committed suicide instead of spending behind bars, although there are some who do not believe he committed suicide, but was killed by crime. Prevent disclosure of information about others.

Despite the emergence of names like Ivanka and Ivana Trump, the group of cyber activists launched a direct threat to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who was also named in the above list and charged with rape. the palace. He also claims to have an organized crime record, which is why he is blackmailed by Russia, the country with all the evidence against him.

Shortly after the documents began with online visits, Twitterati was unable to cancel, but was disappointed about it. A user posted a tweet saying, “Did I read correctly? It’s disgusting to see so many women on this list. Especially when a lot of girls use NaomiCampbellIvankaTrump #EatTheRich #Anonymous” while another one shares an old one. Campbell’s photo alongside Jezlyn Maxwell (former Geoff Epstein’s girlfriend) and the occassions as she wrote: “This picture reveals everything – Naomi Campbell, Jezlyn Maxwell and Trump in one photo!”

reported by AS

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