Antifa Punks Deface Oregon War Memorial in Violent Protest

Antifa Punks Deface Oregon War Memorial in Violent Protest

Antifa Punks Deface Oregon War Memorial

Portland, Oregon, was taken over by remains of land and the mayor and city police allowed this to happen.

A group of masked butchers called themselves “Antifa”, which was said to be an acronym for “anti-fascism” although their fascist actions on arrival were again on Saturday in yet another violent demonstration in the city.

Three protesters were caught in the fight, but judging by the videos shared on social media, more arrests had to be made. More and more suspects are wanted for the defamation of war memorials when obscene graffiti is written and “the police are beaten” and “all the police are bad guys” and that “the killed police” have been sprayed. (Watch a desecration video here, but beware, there is strong language.)

But like every time these masked men, activists and activists meet to protest, they become violent.

Portland police as saying, “While the rally was calm, the Portland police stayed away.” “However, some members of the group began to act in a violent and threatening manner against those present who legally took photos and videos.”

According to Fox, police said the thugs had used metal umbrellas to attack the innocent and appeared to be using other objects and machine guns.

In another video clip, a group of protesters was seen pushing a woman into the path of a car that luckily stopped before hitting her.

Post photos of Antifa online. Portland has seen a wave of violence from masked hooligans in Antiva in the past two years. Critics accuse the mayor of his violent behavior, often by Antifa. It is said to have caused fear among many residents of the city. But now, after several arrests in Portland, some Antifa members have been revealed. The results are somewhat surprising for some.

A former NBA baseball player, Kurt Schilling, noted that the media was in a rampage when thousands of armed protesters marched to Virginia to protect their rights, but were silent when Antifa planned the rally.

However, the march in Virginia was completely peaceful, despite the melodramatic proclamation of the state of emergency by its governor, Ralph Northam, known as the Black Front directory scandal, while Antifa’s marches are always violent.

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