The new iPhone 13 announced by Apple

The new iPhone 13 announced by Apple

When is the iphone 13 coming out 2021


Apple is about to unveil a lot of anticipated iPhone 13 in their approaching event which can come about on September ordinal at ten PM PKT. The event is another virtual event that may be broadcasted from Apple Park and has been dubbed with the tagline ‘California streaming’.


This event is anticipated to thoroughly target the new vary of iPhones which can apparently are available in constant sizes because the iPhone twelve, however a headline feature of those phones might be high refresh rate screens that square measure presently gift on tons of humanoid phones. Moreover, the new vary of iPhones is anticipated to own smaller show notches and improved cameras.


There is such a lot of packaging to the current digital event that Apple introduced AN AR version of the corporate emblem that within the Apple emblem you’re able to see a singular horizon having a static invite. this might indicate that the new iPhone might be AN astrophotography mode that Google has offered for its element phones.


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The iPhone 13 is powered by Apple’s new A15 Bionic chip :


The iPhone thirteen is powered by a brand new chip designed by Apple: the A15 Bionic.

Executives referred to as the chip the “fastest processor in any smartphone.”

It uses 5-nanometer technology and includes fifteen billion transistors, a 6-core processor and a 4-core GPU. The technology can provide the iPhone with improved machine learning capabilities, like time period video analysis and therefore the ability to investigate text in photos.

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