Peyton Manning’s 15-year-old nephew Arch is the next superstar in the family

Peyton Manning’s 15-year-old nephew Arch is the next superstar in the family

Peyton Manning’s 15-year-old nephew Arch is the next superstar in the family

Ark Manning’s mania has officially arrived. The 15-year-old midfielder is set to become the most high school footballer of his generation – not only because of his famous last name, but because he seems to have the talent to deliver.

Manning would single-handedly be a king of dynastic football. He is the grandson of former New Orleans Saints midfielder Archie Manning and the nephew of NFL legends Beaton and Ellie Manning. Hailed as the best midfielder in the high school class of 2023, Arch has already started a savage recruiting battle that should involve all of college football’s top hitters.

Manning led the Isidore Newman School of New Orleans to a 55-22 victory over Cape Booker T. Washington in Game 3 of his second season Thursday night on ESPN. Manning finished the night 21 by 27 for 241 yards, two touchdowns on two lanes and two interceptions. He also rushed for two more runs.

Manning’s strong performance in his national television debut will continue to spark interest in his future. That’s all you need to know about Arch Manning.

Who is Arch Manning’s father?

Arch Manning’s father is Cooper Manning. Cooper is the oldest son of Archie Manning, the older brother of Peyton and Ellie Manning, two of Arch’s uncles.

Cooper Manning was a Newman State high school recipient who was forced to withdraw from the sport after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) at just 18 years old. Cooper Manning had committed to playing Ole Miss college football at the time.

Where does Arch Manning go to school?
Manning attends Isidore Newman School, a private school in New Orleans where his father and uncle also performed. Mannings weren’t the only NFL stars the high school produced: Odell Beckham Jr. graduated from Newman in 2011.

What is Arch Manning’s recruiting order?
Manning is ranked first in midfielders and fifth in rookies in the 2023 high school category by 247 Sports. Here you will find the full ranking of the best potential football players in the 2023 category by 247 Sports.

How good is Arch Manning?
While Peyton and Ellie Manning had to wait until they were in sophomore years to capture Newman’s midfielder, Manning started early in his new season. Manning finished the year with 2,438 yards, 34 falls and just six interceptions.

Manning passed 463 yards and six touchdowns in the first two games to start his second season. He had yet to prove himself against KIPP Booker T. Washington after making four objections to the school as a freshman. Manning didn’t play a perfect game against Washington in his sophomore Thursday, but he had several flashes of intelligence that would only further excite the kind of midfielder he could someday become.

His family had largely kept Arch in the spotlight in his new season, but that is starting to change this year. Manning threw 2,438 yards, 34 drops and just six interceptions when he was a freshman.

According to Rivals, Manning has scholarship offers from Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Doc, Tennessee (Peyton Alma Mater), Florida and Arkansas.

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