Becki Falwell told pool boy she cried with jealousy over his dating stories during their affair

Becki Falwell told pool boy she cried with jealousy over his dating stories during their affair

Man claims to have had a years-long sexual relationship with Becki Falwell with Jerry’s consent

After Freedom University indefinitely confirmed the terms of President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s paid vacation, new information emerged about him and his wife Becky.

Hours after his report was released by Reuters, Falwell resigned his post at Liberty University, according to the Associated Press.

On Monday, Reuters published an interview with Giancarlo Granda, who told the media establishment about his multi-year sexual relationship with Becky Falwell , Jerry’s wife.

He said he first met the couple in March 2012 while working as a pool host at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.

According to Reuters, he started having sex with Becky that month and in 2018, while Jerry was watching him.

Granda told Reuters that during the relationship, these sexual encounters occurred several times a year either at two hotels in Miami and ny, or even at the Fallwell’s home in the Lynchburg area.

Not only did Granda have sex with Becky Falwell , but she was also engaged to the couple.

Garda claimed that he and Becki Falwell had sex after meeting at a Miami hotel when they were 20 – and he claimed Falwell Jr. watched them during sex.

Becki Falwell , a huge figure in evangelical Christianity, said Monday of Granda’s story – first reported by the Reuters news service – that it was “90% false”.

Audio continues: “Like a week ago I was crying on a weird day. It was like, ‘I caught up with this girl on Tinder and then picked her up from Uber,” Becki Falwell said. .

“And I feel completely depressed.”

After a minute of silence, Granda replied, “Come on,” before pausing again and adding, “You don’t care about me.”

Granda repeats again, “You don’t care about me anymore,” just as Becky Falwell replied, “Oh yeah? Really. Yes. Obviously.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said in the uncomfortable conversation.

Granda picks up after the sentence, changes her tone and replies, “I’m telling you just because you’re my best friend.”

As the conversation continued, Becky Falwell seemed to take in Granda’s expression of warm affection for her, saying that she was trying to “come to terms” with their newly transformed relationship.

She said, “I have moved on. I have matured. I have matured. I am not as mad as before.” “I do not think so.”

When Becki Falwell made the mistake of storming Granda on her chain of thoughts, Granda responded after another long silence: “No, you … perfect.”

Becky replies, “Yes! You have to keep doing it.” “Even before, when you weren’t dating someone, they kind of threw me in a ring.

When the scandal unfolded Monday night, Jerry Falwell Jr. released a statement saying his wife Becky was having an affair with Granda – but he had no role in the affair.

Becki Falwell wrote that a man “began to threaten to publicly disclose this secret affair with Becky and to intentionally embarrass my wife, family and the University of Liberty unless we agreed to pay him a lot of money … ”

Falwell did not mention that Granda was that man, and when asked to Reuters, Granda denied blackmailing Falwell, saying he wanted to negotiate a purchase under a trade deal he made with the couple.


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