Beyonce Turns 40 and always fabulous

Beyonce Turns 40 and always fabulous

Beyonce Turns 40 and is always fabulous


Beyonce is September four birthday is not a holiday, however, do not tell that to the Bey Hive.

The fans of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter happen and switch out each year for her birthday — and this is often a special one.
So, in honor of the fortieth birthday of our Queen, this week’s Pop Life Chronicles is an associate degree all-Bey edition.

Are you ready?




the Grammy victory singer, actress, fashionista, the better half of have rapper Jay-Z and overall cultural icon—hits the massive 4-0 these days, September four, 2021. It’s a big date by all means that, and created all the additional thus by her fixation on the amount four. the amount last appeared within the Internet-shattering Louis Comfort Tiffany & Co. cause that includes the known couple (and an antecedently unseen Jean-Michel Basquiat painting) with Knowles sporting the luxurious jeweler’s illustrious Louis Comfort Tiffany Yellow Diamond, creating her the fourth girl in history to wear the piece.


References to the numeral square measure scattered throughout her life and music. Here’s wherever it’s popped up:



Knowles shares her birth date—Sept. 4—with Jay-Z, WHO was born on Dec. 4 in 1970, eleven years before his future better half. Knowles’ mother, Tina Lawson, was born Jan. 4, 1954.


beyonce lemonade


Beyoncé gave one in every of the foremost known and energized performances ever seen at Coachella once she headlined the competition in 2018.
Luckily for those folks WHO could not score tickets to the live shows, she place along “Homecoming” for Netflix, that options performance highlights and intimate sub-rosa footage of her preparations for the show.
It was every kind of excellence.


This visual album was recorded as a companion to her 2019 “The Lion King: The Gift” audio recording and is lush in its celebration of Blackness and African culture.

As with any Bey project, the assembly is first-rate, a treat for the eyes, and wealthy in symbolism.
“Black Is King” is streaming on Disney+.


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“Dreamgirls” could have attained Jennifer Hudson’s associate degree honor, however, it scored Beyoncé successful with the tune “Listen.”
Based on the Tony-winning play, the film stars Beyoncé as Deena Jones, one in every trio of Black feminine soul singers WHO struggle as they notice fame.

The musical was right up her alley. you’ll stream it on Amazon Prime, HBO GHB, or Hulu.
Not many of us will say their albums spur school courses.


Such was the case with “Lemonade,” a sweet success that supported the tart marital status issues between the singer and her whizz husband, Jay-Z (don’t worry, they’re OK now).


There were additional themes of race, culture and feminism during this critically acclaimed project.
It helps that the music feels pretty unaltered further.


beyonce lemonade


Into podcasts?

WBEZ Chicago possesses you.
Its “Making Beyoncé” podcast traces her rise from a teen in Houston to a global icon.


Few artists will get you off the couch to maneuver and groove like Beyoncé (case in purpose, see Adele). Click play on this Bey-all-day Spotify listing (curated by my terribly cool colleague biochemist Trammell), get away your hair fans and dance on the notional stage known as your lounge floor.


Beyoncé models a glance from her Icy Park assortment for Hedera helix Park x Adidas.

Be it with some fruit drink or one thing a touch stronger, take time to toast this exalting girl WHO will sing, dance, act, be a canopy lady, build a fashion empire and don a known diamond that few have ever touched.

This week’s one thing to sip on may be a absorb celebration of 1 of the brightest stars to ever grace our universe.


by : CNN

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