Brandon Bernard executed after us Supreme Court denies request for a delay

Brandon Bernard executed after us Supreme Court denies request for a delay

Brandon Bernard was executed


Brandon Bernard was executed Thursday by the federal government at the Federal Correctional Center in Terry Haute, Indiana, according to the Bureau of Prisons.

Bernard, 40, was one of five gang members convicted in Texas for the murder of Stacy and Todd Bagley – both ministers of youth – in 1999. Shooter Christopher Vialva was executed in September, while the others defendants were given at least sentences.

Bernard’s death was announced at 9:27 p.m. He was the youngest person in the United States to have been sentenced to death in nearly 70 years for committing a crime as a teenager.

Brandon Bernard said he was waiting for the opportunity to apologize to the Bagless family and his family for the pain he has caused.

“I’m sorry … I hope to get everything back, but I can’t,” Bernard told the Bagleys in his last three-minute words. “These are the only words I can say that fully reflect how I feel now and how I felt that day.”

The Bagley family thanked Trump and the federal government for implementing the ruling on their statements.


Support Brandon Bernard

Bernard’s attorney, Robert Owens, has requested a review of the case after uncovering previously undisclosed evidence. Owens argued that trial prosecutors withheld evidence showing Brandon Bernard held a low-ranking position in the gang that carried out the murders, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Former jurors involved in the case had intervened in recent weeks to say that if such evidence had been presented during the trial, it would have affected their decision, according to CNN reports.

Angela Moore, the former federal prosecutor involved in the case, wrote in a November opinion piece saying she believed Bernard should not be executed, citing her youth at the time of the murder and his good behavior in prison .

“I have always been proud to represent the United States as a federal prosecutor, and I believe Brandon’s execution would be a stain on the nation’s honor,” she wrote.

Prominent lawyers Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr and Kardashian West, the reality TV star, tried to stop the execution this week. Dershowitz and Starr joined Bernard’s legal team on Thursday and filed a petition with the Supreme Court, demanding a two-week delay in enforcement.

The Supreme Court rejected the request.

Kardashian West used her platform to raise awareness about the Brandon Bernard case. She has been involved in criminal justice advocacy since 2018 when she helped free Alice Mary Johnson. Johnson was serving a life sentence for non-violent drugs before President Trump forgave him.

Unsuccessfully, the Kardashian West Trump also pleaded for Bernard’s sentence to be commuted.

In a tweet after his execution, Kardashian West said of Bernard: “He was a reformer. He was upbeat and positive until the end. Most importantly, he’s sorry, so I’m sorry for the hurt. and the pain he caused to others. ”

reported by cnn

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