CDC: Americans are dangerously mixing cleaning products with food to kill coronavirus

CDC: Americans are dangerously mixing cleaning products with food to kill coronavirus

Americans are dangerously mixing cleaning products with food

Do not wash your food with bleach. Do not eat or drink cleaning products.

These vital warnings may seem like common sense, but a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that Americans are throwing common sense out the window as they try to keep the coronavirus out of their homes.

In a survey released on Friday, 39% of 502 respondents said they engaged in “high-risk non-hazardous practices”, including the use of bleach on food, the application of household cleaning products or ‘antiseptics on their skin and inhalation or consumption of these products.

The agency also found that many people have limited knowledge of how to safely prepare and use cleaning products and disinfectants. Only 23% responded that room temperature water should be used to dilute the ovary and 35% said the ovary should not be mixed with vinegar.

Surprisingly, only 58% of respondents knew that the ovaries should not be mixed with ammonia.

Mixing these two products creates a solution that emits a harmful gas called chloramine – the same chemical reaction that allegedly killed a Buffalo Wild employee that occurred in Massachusetts last year.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the investigation was conducted after poison centers reported a sharp increase in calls. The National Poison information system noted the following increases in call volume between March 2019 and March 2020, and between April 2019 and April 2020:

Almost 60% increase in calls related to bleaching products in March and 77% in April.

94% increase in antiseptic calls in March and 122% in April.

75% increase in calls for hand sanitizer in March and 56% in April.

“They’re on the cleanup,” said Michelle Caliva, executive director of the Poison Center at replacement York.

She stated that the appellants had mixed cleaning products, sprayed an antiseptic on the cooking envelopes and asked if they could eat bread, washed their children with bleaching solutions and generally failed to follow label directions .

One of the callers even asked how you should drink a cleaning product after President Donald Trump commented on the use of antiseptic, which has prompted many states to be defensive against the use of hazardous disinfectants. .

California tips for surviving COVID-19 without accidentally poisoning anyone: follow directions; Do not mix chemicals; Do not use detergents or antiseptics on the body; Do not swallow them; Be careful keeping these hand sanitizers and disinfectants out of the reach of children; Do not spray bags or packaging containing food.

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