CNN Arrest of Omar Jimenes live on TV Is What Actual Censorship Looks Like

CNN Arrest of Omar Jimenes live on TV Is What Actual Censorship Looks Like

Arrest of Omar Jimenes live on TV

For several days, President Trump has been unleashed on Twitter because of his treatment against Omar Jimenes, and it is easy to understand why. Early Friday morning, after posting a tweet on him about the violence in Minneapolis, “ When the looting started, the shooting started, ” Twitter sent police to the White House, who tied up Mr. Trump. and placed him defensive on sight on direct television in the opinion of the whole nation.

Sorry, quickly check the facts: it didn’t happen at all. The president remains free and tweets. Twitter, a private company, is always free to set rules for the use of its services. Tweets reported by the president – the phrase “gunfire” and a misleading attack on postal voting – remain legible, the first behind an opinion that they violate the service rules on the glorification of violence, and the second with a correlation of the verification facts.

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his team, who handcuffed and left the destroyed Minneapolis building on Friday as they covered protests and violence after Friday, were arrested on television the murder of a black man, George Floyd, defensive on sight.

Omar Jimenez

CNN viewers watched the police surround the journalists, while Omar Jimenez said again and again that they would go where they were ordered. He said, “Wherever you want us to go, we go out of your way when you intersect with the intersection, so tell us and we’ll go to you.”

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Jimenez then went to the scene when an officer told him that he had been arrested. Yimense was restricted and taken.

The arrest, which took place during CNN’s “New Day” program, shocked the hosts, Alicene Camerot and John Berman.

“He is an American television reporter, Omar Jimenez, led by the police,” said Berman. “He clearly identified himself as a journalist, and he showed respectfully to the state police that the CNN team was there and far … I had never seen anything like this before.”

The police then arrested the other CNN crew members and took the network camera, which continued to roll.

“During the clearing and restoration of order” at the intersection, the police detained four people, including three CNN crew members with omar Jimenez who were “released after making sure they were members of the media,” the Minnesota state patrol later said in a statement.

CNN opposed the story in a statement, saying that the journalists were arrested despite their identities and that the arrest was a “flagrant violation of the rights of the first amendment.”

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