Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy defends decision on failed

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy defends decision on failed

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy defends decision on failed


The Dallas Cowboys and the Rams of the. at. reveal their SoFi stadium for their first NFL game at the new Southern California facility … and the NFC teams are revealing themselves as well.

It will be a Sunday night football party – the last game of the day – and it will be a party with no fans present thanks to the COVID-19 problem. But when it comes to high profile events, combining “Team America” ​​with the new venue (oh, the Rams too) will definitely be an invitation to viewers …

And for anyone who might be interested in making a few bucks on Team Dak Prescott or Team Jared Gove.

Throwing Duck Prescott into a tightly covered area, Michael Gallup found his goal on the touchline and an area the Dallas Cowboys in a position within 20 to score a tied field goal 21 seconds before the end of Sunday night against the Rams from l. at. during the debut of SoFi Stadium.

But there was a flag on the coin.

Gallup made illegal contact with corner star Galen Ramsey, the official said, and interference from the offensive pass negated the reception from 47 yards. The replay appears to show a pretty standard connection before Ramsey pulls his head and upper body back.

Referee Tony Corrente, defending the appeal, said: “I can tell you that it was clear and clear on the pitch, where there was a hand in the opponent.” “A full arm extension led to the separation. In any situation that can be called up. We will not allow this at any point in the game.”

Mike McCarthy, who made his debut as a coach for the Cowboys, said he was surprised by the timing of the call and Gallup and Ramsey were fighting on the left side.

“I was surprised there was a call anyway,” McCarthy said. “Obviously I’m very disappointed with the call, especially late. You don’t see that in an important part of the game.”

Ramzy said: “If they hadn’t called him I would have been really upset. It was as clear as it is today, in my opinion.”

Next two players, Prescott’s fourth and 20 assists fell harmlessly to the ground as Dallas only managed to reach 15 yards in the game’s last 10 games. The Rams went on to win 20-17.

“It was a great opportunity,” Prescott said. “We had a two-minute drive at the end of the first half. We were still able to move and improve, but we didn’t do it. This is Game 1.”


reported by ESPN

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