earthquake in NYC : Triangle wakes up to confirmed 5.1 magnitude earthquake with ripples felt

earthquake in NYC : Triangle wakes up to confirmed 5.1 magnitude earthquake with ripples felt

earthquake in NYC

The US Geological Survey (USGS) reported that a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck Sparta, North Carolina at 8:07 a.m. Sunday morning.

It was the strongest earthquake in North Carolina in over 100 years. A magnitude 5.2 earthquake was reported near Skyland, North Carolina, in 1916.

“I fell from my bed”. Jose Perez, a resident of Sparta, said: “This is the extent of the damage we have caused.” Everything started to shake. She jumped out of bed, then stopped. Hold for 10 seconds before it stops. ”

A Virginia Tech seismograph in Blacksburg recorded the quake.

Cali Carson made cookies and eggs in a 27-foot wagon on her farm in the community of Pine Creek, which is located west of Sparta in the Ghanaian province.

The farm is about five miles from the epicenter.

Carson said she asked her 2-year-old son not to drink jam because the whole cart was starting to knock.

Carson, 37, a field representative for the North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation, lives in Taylorsville, but her husband and two children often spend their weekends on their 180-acre farm.

As soon as the quake started, the people of Sparta saw the remnants of the strength of the earthquake. Many of the city’s roads were divided, including the well-managed Route 21, and many homes and businesses suffered structural damage.

“I cried for half-hour this morning trying to get rid of the mess,” said Scott Smith, whose Sparta-based landscape and arboretum exhibits. It’s not about politics, coronavirus, or whatever. This is God shows you what he wants to do. ”

Even the earthquake struck Ghanaian County Sheriff Brian Mainz by surprise.

“I really woke up with the broken photo frames in my house.”


earthquake in NYC


Although the city saw numerous reports of damage after the earthquake, Mainz said its office had not received any calls about serious injuries from the earthquake.

“As for the size and scale of that, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, so we’re really grateful,” Mainz said.

Smith said as long as everyone survived the earthquake, he could remember the 10 seconds that shook Sparta to the core.

Smith said, “My son said on the way to town.” Dad, what are we going to do? “I said to him, ‘You’re sitting next to me. Your mother and daughter are next to me in the car. Everything will be alright. ”

What causes an earthquake?

Generally speaking, an earthquake occurs when two masses of earth suddenly slide over each other, according to the USGS. The area where the slip occurs is called the fault.

Sometimes the main earthquake, the main earthquake, is preceded by earthquakes followed by aftershocks.

Regarding Sunday’s earthquake, Baldwin pointed out the ancient mountains along the Appalachian front.

Baldwin said, “These are ancient mountains.” “They were formed a long time ago by mistake. These faults … are activated from time to time. Stress builds up and reactivates some of these old mistakes.”

Seismic instruments, which respond to ground movements, indicate that the earthquake began at a depth of about 2.3 miles, according to a press release from the US Geological Survey. The agency said there is a small possibility of injury or damage from this earthquake.

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake is considered a mild to moderate earthquake of sufficient magnitude to cause minimal damage to buildings and other structures.

The National Weather Service began receiving reports from downtown Raleigh, Curry, the South Pines Islands and Aberdeen, around 8:08 a.m. Sunday, according to meteorologist James Danko.


reported by wsls

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