Google celebrates Julius Lothar Meyer the founder of the atomic mass

Google celebrates Julius Lothar Meyer the founder of the atomic mass

Julius Lothar Meyer the founder of the atomic mass


German chemist, professor and author Julius Lothar Meyer’s today’s doodles celebrate his 190th birthday.Meyer was one of two scientists who independently discovered the periodic law of chemical elements and was a pioneer of the oldest periodic tables .

Julius Lothar Meyer was born into a medical family in Farrell, Germany on this day in the year 1830. Initially devoted to the study of medicine, he quickly turned to physiological chemistry. He obtained his doctorate in 1858 and began his career as a science teacher the following year.

In 1864, Mayer published a basic book titled Die modernen Theorien der Chemie (“Modern Chemical Theory”), and the thesis included an elementary system for organizing the 28 elements on the basis of atomic weight, a precursor to the modern periodic table. Meyer was no variation in the race towards this scientific achievement, as the Russian chemist Mendeleyev had independently developed similar ideas.

Meyer designed a more comprehensive table in 1868, but before he could publish, Mendeleev published his own paper which put all the known elements into one table and cemented his place in the history of science. Meyer’s following 1870 article was revolutionary in itself, as the graphical presentation of the relationship between atomic size and atomic weight provided strong proof of the periodic law describing periodic patterns between elements. Meyer’s now popular show was filmed behind him in today’s doodle work.

Happy Birthday Julius Lothar Meyer and thank you for challenging the elements of scientific knowledge! And thank you Google

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