Google dominance in Australia online advertising harms businesses

Google dominance in Australia online advertising harms businesses

Google dominance in Australia online advertising harms businesses


The competition regulator in Australia warned weekday that Google’s dominance within the on-line advertising market within the country “significantly” affects commercial enterprise firms further as customers.

In a report free by the Australian Competition and shopper Commission, the regulator same Google includes a dominant position in key areas of the advertising technology provide chain. It same this facilitates the shopping for and marketing of advertising area in net portals and applications to market its merchandise to customers.


The commission – that convinced parliament to pass a law in Feb to force technology firms to pay native media for the content they generate and publish on net platforms like Google and Facebook – has been investigating the digital services markets since last year.

It estimates that during this advertising technology provide chain, over ninety % of promotion (viewing a billboard denote on an internet page) passed, a minimum of once, through a Google service in 2020.


A report by the Australian Competition and shopper Commission (ACCC), revealed on a weekday, same over ninetieth of clicks on advertisements listed through the Australian “ad tech” provide chain competent a minimum of one service owned by the Alphabet INC unit in 2020.

“Google has used its vertically integrated position to control its ad school services during a means that has, over time, light-emitting diode to a less competitive ad school trade,” ACCC Chair Rod Sims same during a statement, free aboard the report.


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“This conduct has helped Google to ascertain and entrench its dominant position within the ad school provide chain. we have a tendency to suggest rules be thought of to manage conflicts of interest, forestall anti-competitive self-preferencing, and guarantee rival ad school suppliers will vie on their deserves.”

A Google voice wasn’t instantly accessible for comment. during a blogpost revealed shortly before the ACCC’s report, Google same its advertising technology-supported over fifteen,000 Australian jobs and contributed $2.45 billion a year to the country’s economy annually.

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