How Did Coronavirus Spread?

How Did Coronavirus Spread?

How Did Coronavirus Spread?

With cases of the new coronavirus reported altogether 50 states, health officials are focused on slowing the spread. By understanding how coronavirus spreads, you’ll take the proper steps so you do not get sick and infect others.

Aerosolized transmission. Research shows that the virus can sleep in the air for up to three hours. once you breathe air that has the virus floating in it, it gets into your lungs.

Surface transmission. differently to catch the new coronavirus is once you touch surfaces that somebody who has the virus has coughed or sneezed on. you’ll touch a countertop or doorknob that’s contaminated then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes. The virus can survive surfaces like plastic and chrome steel for two to three days. to prevent it, clean and disinfect all counters, knobs, and other surfaces you and your family touch several times each day .

Fecal-oral. Studies also suggest that virus particles are often found in infected people’s poop. Analysts are not sure whether the infection has spread through the stool of the infected person. If that person uses the toilet and doesn’t wash their hands, they might infect things and other people that they touch.

The virus most frequently spreads through people that have symptoms. But it’s going to be possible to pass it on without showing any signs. Some people that do not know they have been infected can provides it to others. this is often called asymptomatic spread. you’ll also pass it on before you notice any signs of infection, called presymptomatic spread.

Community Spread
Sometimes, an individual can trace how they got the virus because they know that they have been in touch with someone who’s sick. In other cases, the cause is unknown. Community spread is when someone gets the virus with none known contact with a diseased person .

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