Its National Donut Day Here’s Where to Get a Free Donut

Its National Donut Day Here’s Where to Get a Free Donut

Friday, June 5th is National Donut Day and these places offer some sweet deals to celebrate sugary food.

Here’s Where to Get a Free Donut

The Duck Donuts chain with locations scattered throughout the central Atlantic and southeastern parts of the country appears today at a full national weekend of celebration. On Friday and Saturday they offer a free gift of cinnamon buns with sugar to each customer.

Dunkin ‘offers a free donut bun with no drink every Friday since March, and National Donut Day is no exception.

Krispy Kreme took this vacation one step further, turning National Donut Day into National Donut Week. Over the past week, they needed to deliver one donut per customer – no purchase needed. If you are unaware of this promotion, Friday is the Day of Resurrection so you continue to have a chance to grab some good dough.


Supermarket favorite Entenmann decided to abandon this holiday and instead run the Standing Dougnation Sweepstakes contest until June 18. Entenmann encourages fans to nominate their favorite healthcare champion on Twitter for a chance to get a $ 500 donation to the medical building of their choice and free cakes in power.

The Salvation Army (which began the National Donut Day in 1938) thanks the health care professionals who worked tirelessly through the coronavirus epidemic, “for thanking the boy and women on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic by offering cakes and hope.” .. .

Thank you to the health professionals who worked tirelessly during the coronavirus, the Salvation Army (which launched the National Donut Day in 1938) plans to “thank the men and women on the lines to the epidemic of the coronavirus by delivering cakes and hope.”

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