Leaks The Last of Us Part 2: A profound, harrowing sequel

Leaks The Last of Us Part 2: A profound, harrowing sequel

Leaks The Last of Us Part 2:

Note: This article will not discuss the content of a specific story from “The Last Part of Part Two” other than what has already been revealed by official sources. There are no spoilers, even because of leaks.

I was ready and willing to hate the sequel to “The Last of Us”.

Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” was an elevated watermark from game novels, and didn’t need a sequel. The final mystery was exemplary, as evidenced by seven years of intelligent and thoughtful emotional debate over whether the protagonist, Joel Miller, made the right decision.

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I tried to sabotage the hype myself by diving directly into all the leaks and rumors that surfaced in April. Part of this can be attributed to the curiosity of the reporter. After all, these leaks were huge and my level of enthusiasm was really low. Seeing these leaks would confirm my biases. Of course, what I saw and read left me deeply disappointed and angry. The leaks made the story vulgar, uninteresting and misleading. I thought “I knew it.” “They never had to go on.” It was my opinion when I started playing “The Last folks 2.”

Record the time in less than 30 hours, twice the length of the original. But length is not the only thing magnified in The Last folks Part 2. It is more difficult, horrible and thoughtful than its predecessor. When the last scene turns black, you will feel the fatigue that results from the recovery of your feelings and your heart.

It is not a feeling that can be applied to many video games. The last twenty years in games have seen progress in storytelling – the visuals are improving, the voice acting reaches Hollywood quality and the gameplay mechanics are becoming more sophisticated – but without the proportionate willingness to tell stories. AAA budgets are sometimes used to write down a meaningful story, but rarely.

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