Lori Loughlin Get 2 month Prison in College Admissions scandal

Lori Loughlin Get 2 month Prison in College Admissions scandal

Lori Loughlin Get 2 month Prison


Actress Lori Loughlin will spend two months in prison and her husband, fashion designer Mosimo Giannulli, will spend five months after the couple pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in the college admissions scandal. On Friday, a federal judge agreed to the celebrity couple’s plea deals in a video conference hearing.

After Lori Loughlin and Giannoli initially pledged to fight the charges, they turned the tide after a judge rejected their request to drop the case in May. Prosecutors said the couple paid $ 500,000 to secure their daughters’ admission to the University of Southern California by disguising them as bogus math recruits.

“I made a bad decision. I pursued a plan to give my daughters an unfair advantage in the college admissions process. In doing so, I ignored my intuition and allowed myself to turn away. of my moral compass, ”Loughlin said on a video call.

Lori Loughlin, 56, will pay a fine of $ 150,000, serve 100 hours of community service and be supervised for two years. Giannulli, 57, must pay a fine of $ 250,000, 250 hours of community service and serve two years of supervised release.

The case also sparked discussions about the many benefits affluent students have on admission to selective schools, including the help of teachers and coaches with higher prices, opportunities to excel in sports with a high degree of acceptance, preference given to older applicants and even the opportunity to make large donations. Access to which can be purchased.

However, despite all the changes, the nation’s largest college admissions trial, which federal law enforcement officials dubbed Operation Varsity Blues, did not trigger a major reform of the college admissions system. admission to elite schools, as some expected.

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Richard Wesbord, Lecturer in Education at Harvard University, who is leading the nationwide effort to reform college admissions under the Shared Sponsorship Project. Mr Whisbord said he had hoped the case would lead to further self-examination by schools, because “everything will be on the table – athletes, donors, legacy, everything”.

Charges have been laid against more than 50 people in the case, including cheating on entrance exams and bribing college coaches to recruit bogus students as sports recruits. More than 40 people have confessed or agreed to admit their guilt, including William Singer, a college admissions counselor who has worked with nearly every family on the case.

No school was more deeply involved in the scandal than the University of California. This week, the school for the first time admitted that the sports department had died of high net worth applicants or called in as volunteers more frequently than the college admissions case revealed.

The university said in a statement released Thursday that it has discovered that since 2012, around 12 students a year have been accepted as athletes who have been recruited but ultimately do not compete. This included students who were unrelated to Mr. Singer, but who were misrepresented as athletes due to “past donations and / or potential future generosity from their families, or personal relationships with staff at our sports department, ”the university said.

The university said the admissions department was not abreast of fraud committed by “a small number of athletics department employees”, who “were all sanctioned and / or are no longer employed by the university. ‘university”.

Since the announcement of the case in March 2019, USC. It made changes to its admissions process for athletes, including requiring each head coach to certify in writing that a student is assigned athletic ability and requiring the Office of Sport Compliance to confirm that each student eventually admitted joined a team.

Other schools, including Harvard University, have established new policies or official policies regarding fundraising. Harvard University has not been involved in the issue of admission, but has come under scrutiny in other issues related to donations.

This year, the university codified its policies on gifts; Under the new rules, you will not ask for gifts from a donor known to have a loved one applying for admission.


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