Exclusive Minneapolis is burning in anger after the death of George Floyd

Exclusive Minneapolis is burning in anger after the death of George Floyd

Minneapolis is burning in anger after the death of George Floyd


Four days after the deaths of African-Americans, who suffocated thanks to coating stomach during detention, the anger of protesters against the police in Minnesota didn’t decrease.

Minneapolis student said

Tonight, Everything Is Free: Help Yourself! Watching the scene, Mambo, a Minneapolis student, said. A parking zone during a mall within the northeast of the town at the top of the day, Thursday; Forced supermarket doors; Accumulation of garbage, ballet from cars, boxes that hit. Broken glass collides under the wheels of shopping cartsfilled with youths who looted trade quietly. within the parking zone , the police remain cautious.

Only the excitement of helicopters and therefore the scent smell of the tear gas canisters fired from the roofs to disperse the thieves indicate their presence. “Against police violence, peaceful protests aren’t enough,” Mambo says. the cash that they’re going to need to spend to repair this may hurt them. this is often what is going to catch their eye: they lost money. Good to ascertain that everybody exists, black like white. “On the wall, a hastily-made card confirms that” the merchant.

The police fired tear gas and formed a person’s barrier to stop the demonstrators from crossing the fence surrounding the police headquarters . Minnesota County Governor Tim Walls urged protesters to go away the world on Wednesday night, warning of “a very serious situation”.

Peaceful protests happened in two other parts of the town , including the place where George Floyd died to honor the 46-year-old African-American African who died after a brutal arrest, and his video spread.

Protesters in l. a. briefly blocked a highway. a number of them smashed the windows of two police cars, climbed onto the hood, and a protester was injured during a falling car. Across the country there are growing involves justice.

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