Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED: The life of a professional Egyptian cyclist

Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED: The life of a professional Egyptian cyclist

Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED is a member of the Egyptian Vanguards of the Army Alexandria and the Egyptian National Cycling Team.

He started his professional career in 2015, winning the Continental class. Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1994 and currently lives in the United States.


Certifications and education

Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED holds a higher education certificate in Alexandria Governorate, Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, and he has achieved many achievements in his favorite sport as a cyclist, including:


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International races:

  • Egypt International Race 3 times
  • Ethiopia race 2 times
  • Sharjah Tour race in Dubai
  • Emirates Cup Race
  • Tour of Morocco
  • Tour of Cameroon
  • Africa Championship in Luxor


Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED


Locally, Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED played all local races from 2013 to 2019 and achieved many victories at the level of:

  • Republic Championship with Alexandria team 3 times
  • Republic Championship with Army Vanguards team 3 times
  • won the Egyptian League 6 times
  • 3 Best player against the clock for the year 2018 in the Egyptian League
  • won the best player in Alexandria Governorate from 2015 to 2020
  • Ranked 10th in the Dubai U-23 race


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Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED is currently providing educational content for exercise bikes and other information on his Instagram account, and he is thinking of playing in the next season in united states.

You can follow Mohamed Nabil on Instagram: @Monabilofficial




Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED


Mohamed Nabil ELSAYED

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