Nathan Ballard an American counselor and Democrat faces charges of domestic violence

Nathan Ballard an American counselor and Democrat faces charges of domestic violence

Nathan Ballard faces charges of domestic violence

California Democratic strategist Nathan Ballard – a longtime friend and adviser to Governor Gavin Newsom – has been arrested and jailed on two counts of domestic violence in Napa, including an alleged attempted strangulation of a child of four years old with a pillow.

Ballard, 51, was arrested on October 18 on two felony charges of intentional cruelty to a child who could be injured and dead, and domestic violence, according to documents on file with the Napa County Police Office, which were shared with Politico. Napa County assistant attorney general Paul Giroud said he would be formally charged on Thursday.

Nathan Ballard is the founder of The Press Shop, a San Francisco-based public relations company. Until October 19 – the day after the alleged incident – he was on the board of directors of The Acting Project, a non-profit organization founded by senior partner Jennifer Sibel Newsom to advance women’s rights.

Politico Report about Nathan Ballard

“I have spent my career in crisis communications fighting on behalf of the wrongly accused, and now for the first time I really know what it feels like to be them,” Ballard told POLITICO. in an SMS. “I will be acquitted. I love my children more than anything else on earth, and we will be reunited.”

Former San Francisco Deputy District Attorney has been called a “media whisper” for his leading roles as spokesperson and crisis communications manager in a parade of public figures and top corporate clients . He served as spokesperson for then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a role he also played on the Democratic National Committee, the California Democratic Party, the Getty family, the California Warriors, the Super Bowl and for the presidential campaigns of his old age. John Kerry and General Wesley Clark.

Henry Wofford, a spokesperson for the Napa County Police Department, confirmed Ballard’s arrest in Napa. None of the three victims – an adult and two children – have been identified due to confidentiality concerns.

Sources say the events took place at the luxurious Carneros Resort and Spa, where victim statements said Ballard “consumed a large amount of alcohol and some marijuana”.

The adult victim told authorities that Ballard “attacked and pushed her with both hands into the glass doors,” knocking her down and hitting the back of her head with the door. Ballard also tripped and fell to the ground, bleeding, according to documents filed with the Napa County Police Department.

Then, “Ballard tried to suffocate the child victim with the pillow,” the adult victim told police. “Ballard grabbed the pillow from the bed, placed it over the child victim and placed it on the pillow, placing his weight on the child victim who was under the pillow,” according to the report.

“I managed to get the child victim out of the room,” the adult victim said, and locked herself with the other child in a separate room away from Ballard.

Police were informed of the alleged attack the next morning, and when officers arrived, Ballard was gone, according to the report. Authorities said the Napa County Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Ballard and on October 20, he was arrested and transferred to the county jail.

Anthony Brass, Ballard’s lawyer, said his client had substance abuse issues but had been vigilant for eight years before his father died in April and started drinking again.

“He is currently following a residential recovery program to deal with the problem of alcohol use in a responsible and comprehensive manner,” said Brass.

Earlier Thursday, Bras said Ballard’s ex-wife “will testify under oath that he was not violent towards her or their underage son or daughter.” But he told Politico hours later that he had to retract.

Newsom spokespersons did not respond to questions about Ballard’s arrest. A spokesperson for Siebel Newsom, with whom Ballard worked on the acting project, also did not respond on Thursday.

Thoraya Shamali, executive director of the Representation Project, said in an emailed statement that Ballard “has not served on the Representation Committee since his resignation on October 19, 2020. No reason has been given for him. resigns. We are very saddened by what the Ballard family is going through at this time.

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