National Dog Day : let celebrate the dogs in our lives and families

National Dog Day : let celebrate the dogs in our lives and families

National dog day

National Dog Day, August 26, encourages dog ownership of all breeds. When looking for a new mate, be sure to take into account mutations, mixes, genuine ones, and everything in between.

Whether mixed or purebred, seize the opportunity for all dogs to lead happy, safe and free lives. They give us all company. In addition, they protect us and help those in need. The dogs are playing. Well, they also play many roles in our lives! It keeps us healthy both physically and mentally.

While many days focus on finding homes for dogs, this day expands that consideration beyond breed. Look at the heart of the animal. The goal of the National Dog Day Foundation is to save 10,000 dogs each year.

August 26 marks National Dog Day, but the pandemic has made this year’s celebration different. With more people at home, some think it’s time for a dog. Dog adoption and care rates have skyrocketed during this time of uncertainty. Others who have had dogs for a while take the time to teach and train them, which is a beneficial activity for them and their dogs.

When is National Dog Day?

Many popular breeds are filling shelters due to recent movies or TV shows. Families buy an animal that they believe will make the perfect animal, but are not prepared for the training, care and other responsibilities of dog care. Regardless of genetics, all dogs need care and training. If a certain race has taken over your heart, see shelters. You might be surprised to find a purebred or a mixture of the kind that you like.

When dogs find a forever home, their company creates lifelong benefits. They bring joy, loyalty and dedication with them. Ultimately, regardless of breed, these animals become a family.

If you want to celebrate, we would like to share your celebration pictures with us.


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