National Ice Cream Day: Fun facts about everyone’s favorite frozen treat

National Ice Cream Day: Fun facts about everyone’s favorite frozen treat

National Ice Cream Day 2020: Best Deals, Deals & Free Discounts Today

Sunday July 19 is National Ice Cream Day, and there are many places where you can save cold and frozen foods.

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Where did the ice cream come from?

Our love of ice cream is back. For thousands of years, people all over the world have discovered this cold + sweet = delicious combination.

Archives show that some of the most famous chefs in history savored a cold taste, from the Roman Emperor Nero to Alexander the Great. Even King Solomon liked “a cold drink with snow at harvest time,” according to some translations of the Bible.

Historians believe that the ancient Chinese were the first to develop a cold, creamy treatment similar to what we enjoy today. In the 16th century, ice cream began to spread across Europe, although only aristocrats managed it.

No one knows for sure when the ice cream arrived in the United States, but at least some of the Founding Fathers were admirers.

Thomas Jefferson wrote 18-step instructions, America’s first known ice cream recipe. Washington would have spent $ 200 in a summer to get its lukewarm reform. In today’s dollars, that’s a lot of money.

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Has the ban increased ice cream sales?
It’s the truth. When the ban banned the sale of alcohol, Americans switched to ice cream as a fun alternative.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as new technologies have already made it possible to make and cool ice cream – and its popularity has skyrocketed.

Ice cream was enjoyed by all kinds of people all over the country. Indeed, it was introduced to new immigrants on Ellis Island and even to American soldiers during the Second World War.

When did the United States create National Ice Cream Day?
Thanks to President Reagan, National Ice Cream Day project.

In 1984, he signed a declaration declaring July as National Ice Cream Month. The third Sunday of this month, which falls on July 21 this year, is officially known as National Ice Cream Day.

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How much ice cream do Americans use?
Today, the average American consumes more than 20 pounds of ice cream each year, according to the International Dairy Association.

If you think it’s too much, multiply it by 329 million Americans.

What is the most popular flavor of ice cream in the United States?
From Neapolitan dough to chocolate cake dough, there is no shortage of flavors.

That’s not all. You can also get it in nitrogen, roll or carbon.

Ice cream can be made without the help of cows. Perfect Day got its start with a laboratory-grown dairy ice cream that uses genetic engineering to reproduce the proteins usually found in cow’s milk.

However, what is the best flavor in the United States? Old vanilla, according to the International Dairy Association.

So this weekend you don’t think of a sweet tooth as a guilty pleasure, but as a national duty.


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