NFL scores : Updates From Opening Sunday

NFL scores : Updates From Opening Sunday

NFL scores Drew Brees and the Saints bested Tom Brady and his new squad


Los Angeles Rams 20, Dallas Cowboys 17

1) On opening night in smoky southern California, the cowboys couldn’t turn off the lights at the Ram Party. The beginnings of l. at. at SoFi Stadium allowed Mike McCarthy to make his coaching debut in Dallas as the Rams’ defense firmly held on to their inaugural 20-17 season win.

Perhaps this is a sign of being out of season with no pre-season action leading to little wrongdoing, or just further evidence that the Cowboys and Rams have star defenses even though crimes strewn with stars rule fame. Either way, this game was dictated by D and won. Trailing behind with the final and proven score at 24, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys Crime failed to progress in their final lead. Jalen Ramsey made a massive offensive appeal from PI to reverse Michael Gallup’s big win to seal it and ultimately LA knocked the Cowboys out of the finish zone in the second half. Aaron Donald & Co. caught the boys at 380 yards and sacked Prescott three times. If the Rams are to return to opposing mode, defense will lead the way.

2) While the Rams could have used more insults, you could argue they didn’t need Todd Gurley. In his first look at the new RB board on Sean McVay, Malcolm Brown scored both LA TDs and was part of a team effort of a 153-yard sprint that resulted in 35 minutes and 38 seconds of possession.

3) There is a close examination and itching in the head after every cowboy loss. And there will be many. However, in Aldon Smith’s reclamation project, he barged in for Dallas’ only sack (LA’s O streak was light years better than last year) on the night and the first since 2015. on a great day in which he also tied 11 interventions from above The level of play added a pair of hits.


Saints of New Orleans 34, Pirates of Tampa Bay 23

1) The match billed as Tom Brady vs. Drew Press turned into a defensive fight for most of the mile. Brady started off well with TD’s dive into the opening engine. The Saints’ defense took responsibility from there, confusing Brady with two objections, including a six-pick by Saints Cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Saints D stole, shot Brady three times, produced six hits and broke five assists.

Bucs looked like a star-studded squad that missed an entire season of sync work and prep. The running game never went smoothly and Brady seemed uncomfortable stretching. While Brady threw just 239 yards with two touchdowns and picks, deflecting just 63.9% of his passes, he dropped several pennies that triggered major defensive tackles. Brady took over in his first game away from New England of his 21-year NFL career. Losing a division game to start the bites, but it’s a long way for TB12 & Co.

2) The obvious insult to the saints that we are used to seeing has not appeared. But New Orleans took advantage of every opportunity offered by the defense and special teams. The Brees completed just 18 of 30 passes for 160 yards with two touchdowns. Brees completing 60% of his passes is like turning the sky orange. The future HOF QB only made one pass from 20 overhead yards, and only two out of 10, per next-gen stats. Michael Thomas was unusually calm with just three grabs for 17 yards. Jared Cook (5/80) was the most prolific passing watcher, finishing where he left off last year. Alvin Camara scored twice but was only 16 yards away from the run as Latavius ​​Murray took more handbags against the strong run from Box D. Kick dog recovered) to keep Bucs at bay.

3) Marshon Latimore gagged Mike Evans. A stellar hamstring injury might have played a bigger role in keeping him calm, but he still plays 60 of 64 shots by NGS. Latimore had been at Evans’ Grill from the start, forcing Brady to move elsewhere. Put in a neighborhood two DPI depth points, Evans was a non-factor until the end of TD (when lined up from the aperture to LB).

The TD was his only official take on the way. A widespread misunderstanding between Brady also led to the game’s first internal intelligence, which the Saints instantly turned into a progression they never gave up on. If Lattimore is CB the next big name to make big money, he has a feather in his hat to kick off the season with the stoppage of Evans.


NFL scores 2020


New England Patriots 21, Miami Dolphin 11

1) Cam Newton said we’ll have to wait until week one to find out what the Patriot crime will look like. It turns out that there was a lot of work on the range, carried out by QB bulldozers. The former NFL MVP player looked like he was stepping back onto Panther Peak. Newton wore The Rock a ton during the season opener from a host of regional reads, QB rangers, and choice games. Newton sprinted to a team-high 15 times for 75 yards with two touchdowns, adding 155 yards on a 15 of 19 pass.

The Bates apparently erupted with every back intact. Newton and five RBs combined for 217 yards on 42 stands with three touchdowns. Newton didn’t attempt deep throws outside of the numbers, but his arm looked pretty cool shooting arrows in the middle. Newton reminded the world of the kind of destructive power he can have when in good health. As the season progresses, expect Josh McDaniels to solve this tyrannical running game to unlock the passing attack.

2) The question this season has been how the Bates defense will come back after so many retirements this year. The picture wasn’t perfect against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the dolphin crime. De Fitzpatrick has intercepted three times, including one by defensive player of the year Stephon Gilmore. It also gave QB enough time to find targets below on the scoring engines. Gilmore also had two of three DPI points in the Pats’ second half that helped Miami stay in the game. With defensive vacuums due to a pullout, New England aren’t the same team that finished first in D last year. However, the high school still had enough talent to beat Miami.

3) Fitzpatrick did what he could to keep Miami in the game, reducing the lead to first in the fourth quarter. Dolphin Rebuild didn’t have enough to overcome Newton’s dominant racing game. Devanti Parker’s hamstring injury that spared the receiver also damaged Miami after a good start to the season. Goalless, FitzMagic pushed the ball aside and rushed to catch the first touchdown, keeping the dolphins within striking distance for much of the mile. However, the three INTs (two of which could have been canceled with penalties) were harder to beat than the ever-growing Dolphin squad.

Arizona Cardinals 24, San Francisco 49ers 20

1) Kyler is king. Murray made 65% of his passes for 230 yards and a 1-1 interception touchdown, but as we all expect with Murray, he made a lot of money in week one with his legs. Murray led the Cardinals in the race, leading The Rock 13 times to 91 yards and keeping his offense on the field even when kicks seemed imminent. Murray even finished third and third scrambling, helped by a major blockage from Kenyan Drake. Murray was a superstar and carried the Cardinals to their first victory in 2020.

Oh, and the DeAndre Hopkins trade has been going really well. Murray nearly came into contact with Hopkins by force in their first game together, targeting the All-Pro 16 times for 14 receptions, 151 yards and a long contact that almost led to a relegation of the game. Instead, he put Arizona first for Drake to beat. For the first time since the days of Carson Palmer, I am delighted to see the Cardinals play football.

2) The attack on San Francisco must eliminate the rust. At the moment, the best offensive player of the unnamed 49 team George Keitel is Raheem Mostert. It’s not a big surprise, considering his performance over the past season, but he’s clearly on screen. Jimmy Garoppolo was no special, and two misplaced shots in the final round destroyed what was shaping up to be a good shot at winning the final. Part of it has to do with their health issues at the receiver level, but it’s not just a thin thread. Garoppolo just wasn’t keen when he needed it.

Blowing up Kittle didn’t help San Francisco’s effort either, but it didn’t quite seem like the team had played the last meaningful Super Bowl game.

3) The issue was how inexperience doomed the Cardinals – especially after Isaiah Simmons fell into a bunch of ways that allowed the Niners to score late arrivals – but it was immediately proven by Arizona’s blend of youth and wisdom. Patrick Peterson found himself scrambling to catch up with Bourne and arrived just in time, blindly raising his hands and hitting the pass. Subsequently, youngster Byron Murphy kicked off his second pro season with two clutch assists, both in Trent Taylor’s intended attempts to force Doran to relegate and ultimately to Arizona’s superb victory.

All in all, he’s a veteran All-Pro who combines with a corner kick in his sophomore year to seal the NFC champion by defending a possession after tearing him apart to take the lead. It happened after forward Zain Gonzalez missed two of his three goals. Talk about moxie.

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