Will Obama interfere in the George Floyd incident and the Minneapolis facts ?

Will Obama interfere in the George Floyd incident and the Minneapolis facts ?

Obama will interfere with what is happening now in USA

Barack Obama did not want to get ahead of Joe Biden. He never wanted to be seen as addressing all black Americans.

But the former president was very concerned about the state of silence in the country about the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed. It would have taken more than his statement on Friday, writing that the murder of Floyd “should not be” normal “in America in 2020”, until he feels he has done his duty. Monday article calls for reform? One hundred and ninety-four thousand “applause” for the mediator, whatever his value.

A tweet he sent at sunset Monday evening, minutes after the gas demonstrators returned from Donald Trump to make room for a photo from the Bible, with a video clip of Floyd’s brother saying, “Let’s do it. in another way?” He has 650,000 likes and counts. He has even more to say, and his closest advisers think he should say. On Tuesday morning, the former president and his staff began to scramble to organize an event for him yesterday afternoon – and to organize a sit-in zoom message delivered directly by CNN and MSNBC.


“He said he would speak when (A) American values ​​were threatened and (B) could have an impact,” Obama’s adviser, who asked not to be named, told me in an email. because he is not allowed to speak officially. . “This moment is the same.”

At the start of the event, another notice of curfew in Washington, D.C., came out of the mayor’s office. Under the White House building, men were transporting military equipment and military vehicles, but no public authority was gathered in the streets. Obama was not looking to solve this problem directly. Trump did not mention – not even the imprecise manner in which he did it a few weeks ago, when he inserted references to the government’s incompetent response to the epidemic in college graduation letters . He thanked the protesters, but also congratulated the police, who he said were determined to improve the work of the police.

Reported by Theatlantic

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