Plaxico Burress Former NFL WR joining on OnlyFans

Plaxico Burress Former NFL WR  joining on OnlyFans

Plaxico Burress Creates an OnlyFans Account

If you know, you certainly know what they offer and / or are looking for 90% of their customers.

The content subscription platform, best known for its premium adult content, recently made headlines when actress Bella Thorne created an account and made nearly $ 2 million in less than a week. .

On Tuesday, OnlyFans appears to have recruited a new celebrity for its platform, former NFL player Plaxico Burress, who shot himself in the leg in 2009.

For those who do not know the aforementioned American player, Plaxico Burress is an American footballer, born August 12, 1977 in Norfolk, who plays as a broad future.

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For starters, is a site that allows content creators to “sign up and make money by interacting with your fans”, although a quick search (for research and honesty) reveals that the majority of these creators have space available, let’s say it’s not safe to work.

The tweet received over 1,000 retweets and comments in an hour, and the comments section was pure gold, ranging from many variations of the usual ‘shot in the leg’ comments to several amazing memes – from LeBron’s crying to Chris laughing. Farley passed through the Diamond Green Void look in the Warriors’ loss to OKC – even one person asks Plax to set the fantasy league standings.

Burress charges $ 15.30 for 30 days of access to its content, which is a 10% discount depending on the locked sign-up page, but has no content in the tweet yet. However, we’re hoping that someday Plaxico Burress  will raise its price to $ 17.14 to access its content for, you know, the end result of Super Bowl XLII and all that.

It’s currently unclear what type of content Burress will share on the site but the Internet was clearly caught off-guard by his announcement.

reported by radio-wfan

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