PS5 pre-orders began a day early, and so far they’re a mess

PS5 pre-orders began a day early, and so far they’re a mess

PS5 pre-orders began a day early


Sony ended its offer on Wednesday with its long-awaited price and release date for the PS5 – but it stopped telling gamers when and where to buy one, until a tweet seemed to clear things up: pre-orders will begin tomorrow September 17th. Or at least it seemed like an hour or two. Now it’s an absolute mess.

Gamers around the world ran for their pre-orders as retailers traveled to Venice. Potential customers have been encountered with broken links, page timeouts, and “out of stock” messages in the US and internationally. In the UK, for example, a Verge employee was able to cut the PS5 Digital Edition in three minutes during which the Amazon link was available and available for purchase.

Retailers may have been eager to take advantage of demand and quickly switched their pre-order mode to free for all, opening doors early in the day and allowing faster, smarter shoppers to participate. Some have called or stopped by their local GameStop to get a pre-order a day early, or seem to be lucky with one of Walmart’s listings for the PS5 and PS5 digital editions. Walmart even happily tweeted that it was pushing the console ahead of schedule.

The message is strong enough that some people on social media seem anxious or legitimately confused as to why they were “banned” by GameStop. Chances are, this is simply the result of massive website traffic as everyone tries to leave the digital storefront with a pre-order. As of this writing, it appears that GameStop has replaced the blocked message with the “Oops … Something went wrong” alert.

Even if you don’t try to pre-order your PS5 or any of its launch games and accessories, you’ve probably noticed something wrong if you’ve tried doing something else on the website. As of this writing, downloading everything, whether it’s PlayStation-related or not, is extremely slow. I already tried ordering Super Mario 3D All-Stars now just to view the page and it froze.

Things aren’t much better on the storefronts at the moment either. Best Buy will often give you an error the second you try to add the PS5 to your cart. Other websites seem to sell their pre-orders within seconds, if they load at all. Amazon appears to have removed its landing page on the PS5.

Having the PS5 in your cart isn’t particularly reassuring – you may not be able to verify or complete the transaction. But those who have managed to secure a pre-order are already turning to eBay for inflated prices, as is the case with the launch of new devices.

Hopefully this is just a temporary craze that will set in soon. Sony is promising to make more PS5s this year than it did when the PS4 was released, which should help. But given that 2020 has been the year of almost everything, this absurd, sell-out, or hard to get reasonably priced, the availability of the PS5 could be an uphill battle.


reported by polygon

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