Wikipedia: Who is Samer Dwai?

Wikipedia: Who is Samer Dwai?


Who is Samer Dwai?

Samer DWAI Nasir, 33, 28-4, 1989, Baghdad, Republic of Iraq, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with distinction, expected to discuss his MBA in Beirut soon. He is a very active social activist on social media.


Samer DWAI Work?

It works within the framework of business administration and applies academic research in the field of work, a watch shop. In addition to being an expert in e-marketing, he also tries to utilize his research to develop this field. Samer Dwai talked about the reason for choosing this field, explaining that he has loved the field of e-marketing since 2008 because of the challenges and creativity it brings. This field is the reason why he entered the College of Business Administration to achieve his dream and develop his career.


Then he added about the watch store and said that it is a handmade watch store that has a website called “Terrible Watches” and that is why he practiced his academic experience in this store in order to develop it and make it a brand in his own style.


Samer Dwai


What is Samer Dwai’s hobby?

Samer, however, is an ambitious and intelligent young man. He is also multi-talented and has many hobbies, among which are: “Fishing, reading books, bodybuilding, and also loves acting and art.”


Currently, he is constantly working and busy preparing his master’s thesis. He revealed the topic of his master’s thesis, “The Impact of Electronic Marketing on Banking Services” at the University of Arts, Science and Technology in Beirut, which is scheduled to be discussed in June next year 2023.

Samer did not miss the opportunity to praise his supporter in the study, a university doctor who holds a doctorate in finance from Baghdad because Samer’s thesis is about banks. He concluded his speech by saying that his dream is to obtain a doctorate and then immediately complete his studies.


Samer DWAI Nasser is a milestone in the world of purposeful comedy that touches the lives of the Iraqi people. The preference of the Iraqi public.

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