Shakira was attacked by a pair of wild boars in Barcelona

Shakira was attacked by a pair of wild boars in Barcelona

Shakira was attacked


Shakira says she was attacked by 2 wild boars whereas in city, Spain. The singer took to Instagram to elucidate the agonizing tale to her followers, language the boars attacked her and scarf her bag whereas she was in a very park together with her son, Milan.

“Look at however 2 Sus scrofa that attacked Pine Tree State within the park have left my bag,” Shakira same within the Instagram story, per BBC News. She showed the bag, that appeared lined in dirt

“They were taking my bag to the woods with my itinerant in it,” she said. “They’ve destroyed everything.” She then asked her 8-year-old son regarding the incident. “Milan, tell the reality. Say however your mummy stood up to the Sus scrofa,” she said, per the BBC.


While the incident appears outre, Shakira is simply one victim in a very string of attacks by wild boars in city.

In 2016, police in Kingdom of Spain received one,187 calls regarding hogs assaultive dogs, running into cars and holding up traffic. and also the downside created headlines in 2013, once a officer tried to shoot a Sus scrofa however uncomprehensible and accidentally hit his partner, BBC News reports.


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The number of boars has exploded across Europe – not simply in Kingdom of Spain – with quite ten million across the continent. Not solely will they be aggressive, however {they will|they will|they’ll} carry unwellness — and that they can survive in nearly any setting, together with cities, wherever they will feed off garbage.

In European country last year, a officer killed a family of untamed boars in a very playground with a antianxiety agent dart and deadly injections, that sparked outrage, BBC News reports.


Videos from Rome last week show teams of untamed boars rampaging town and ingestion garbage.

The ongoing boar issue has even spilled over into Rome’s civil authority race, with civil authority Virginia Raggi, United Nations agency is seeking re-election, filing a legal suit earlier this month inculpatory the Lazio region of failing to stay the animals out of the capital, per Reuters. The region denied her accusations, language the management of the animals around Rome is up to the city’s councils.




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“Even walking to highschool…has become dangerous here,” Nunzia Cammino, United Nations agency lives in Rome, told Reuters.

And as wild boars wandering into Germany from Republic of Poland unfold African artiodactyl fever, Germany last week asked the ecu Commission to assist them place up a fence to counter the unfold. The unwellness is harmless to humans however fatal for pigs, which may result in a loss in pork exports.

A fence helped Danmark decrease the amount of boars crossing its borders from Germany in 2020.

In 2019, European Union’s government approved Poland’s conceive to slaughter two hundred,000 wild boars to safeguard farm pigs from the unwellness, the Associated Press reports.


reported by : cnbc

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