The Revelation of Tether Miner

The Revelation of Tether Miner

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USDT token as a first-ranked stable coin used worldwide will maintain without any competition, the global trusted proof of value. In line with the cryptocurrency ecosystem at the verge of Web3, Bitfinex & Tether Limited are taking a unique mega shift in decentralizing the token through a huge technological step.

In its commitment to Satoshi’s goal, (a decentralized world). Tether limited (USDT) is shifting to a groundbreaking move in the stable coin environment, by launching Tether miner (TMiner) technology, thereby, shifting the power to users.

Tether Miner’s technology is based on the stability of USDT tokens. The miner uses Ethereum Blockchain to maintain the stability of the USDT, minting or destroying USDT to keep the stability of the Tether network and the tokens in circulation which are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars, making it a stable coin with a price pegged to 1 USD. By the end of every TBR (Transactions bundle ratification), all active Tether miners are rewarded with USDT and then transferred to the user’s account.

Now. As a Web3-era citizen, you can be part of this pioneer achievement by pre-ordering your TMiner from our website.

Limited quantity.


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