Tik Tok kills a teenager Gabriel Salazar is an accident?…trending now

Tik Tok kills a teenager Gabriel Salazar is an accident?…trending now

TikTok kills a teenager Gabriel Salazar


Who is Gabriel Salazar?

Gabrial Salazar is thought on Tik Tok as Gabe and has to date accumulated over 78million likes on his channel, @gabenotbabe.

The social media star, from Texas, additionally includes a Brobdingnagian Instagram following of over 390,000 fans.

He lasted shared a video on the platform on Sep 23.


Why is ‘Gabriel Salazar automobile accident’ trending?

Their are reports that Gabrial Salazar has died during a car accident when he using the Tik Tok app- however, this has however to be confirmed.

It’s according he was killed during a crash in city, Texas, on Sep 26.

Friends and fans alike are posting tributes to him.

Rickey Floras, one amongst Gabrial Salazar best friends, has denoted a variety of tributes, writing aboard on Instagram: “Rest straightforward brother. words cannot even justify however I feel right away. man i’d do something to induce you back right away bro. LONG LIVE GABE.”

In another caption of snaps of the try along, he wrote: “best pair ever dwag. RIP to my brother man.”

A GoFundMe page has additionally been got wind of to travel towards ceremony prices.


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Created by Chris Vazquez, the page reads: “I do not know what is real and not real any longer however sadly Gabe past (sic) away on a car crash Sep twenty-six we tend to could not believe it the instant we tend to discern.

“Don’t really need to induce into details as a result of it is so arduous for America to even name the pain he went through.

“Gabrial Salazar loved his family and was continuously horsing around together with her (sic) sister and small brother.

“He was continuously there with a giant hug and smile, and his family can always remember those heat moments.

“He was thus funny with a quiet sense of humor and wit.”


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