Actor Tommy Lister ‘Tiny’ , dies at 62

Actor Tommy Lister ‘Tiny’ , dies at 62

Tommy Lister die


Tommy  Lister, the actor namesake of 49ers superstar Deebo Samuel, died on Thursday. He was 62 years old

The Associated Press reported Thursday, citing Leicester’s commercial director, that the actor was found unconscious at his home in Marina Del Rey, Calif., And pronounced dead at the scene.

Lester, who played “Deebo” on “Friday,” has known Samuel for the past few years and has become a huge fan of him. The two met earlier this year in an interview with ESPN.

So when news of Lester’s death came to the public, Samuel was devastated, first posting three broken emojis, then saying it was a “blessing” to have met and known Tommy Lister.

Cowan said Lester was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year. She said the actor overcame the virus, but fell ill about a week ago and recently had trouble breathing.

The cause of death has not been revealed and the coroner’s office is investigating.

He was a gentle giant, ”Kwan said. “He had a smile as wide as you can imagine. He will be missed by many. We are all disappointed.”

Tommy Lister started his career as a wrestler, measuring 6ft 5ft with broad shoulders of around 275 pounds. His first roles included the HBO football series “1st & Ten” as well as appearances in “Beverly Hills Cop II” with Eddie Murphy and “No Holds Barred”, the 1989 film where he challenged his character Zeus Hulk Hogan to a game. fight.

However, Lester’s most significant role came in 1995’s “Friday” and its sequel five years later. He described the role of Depo, the criminal known as the neighborhood bully who terrorized his neighbors with intimidation and fear. His character was known for his infamous line “Get hit like your father used to”.

Tommy Lister also appeared in The Fifth Element, The Dark Knight, and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

“RIP Tiny” Deebo “Lister,” cube said Thursday night on Instagram. “America’s favorite tyrant was a born artist who stood out in his character when a hat fell that scared people in and out of the camera. Followed by a big smile and a laugh. Thank you for being. such a good friend. I really miss you. ”

Precious Martin, Depo’s mother-in-law, told ESPN: “I wouldn’t say he did things all the time, but you know he was hurtful sometimes.” “He did little things.”

“Wherever I take Depo, I don’t care who he is, anyone’s kids, and whatever they have, he’ll take him,” Depot’s father Galen Samuel told ESPN. “He’s going to take it and play with it and do whatever he wants with it.”

Samuel said that the nickname “Depo” is blocked during the soccer league.

The grieving process for Samuel is particularly difficult right now, with 49ers in Arizona due to Santa Clara County’s ban on all contact sports. This means that Samuel and his colleagues are separated from their families.

reported by nbc sports

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