Turki Bin Mashhour Al Dhiabi: The Art of Fame through Social Media

Turki Bin Mashhour Al Dhiabi: The Art of Fame through Social Media

Turki Bin Mashhour Al Dhiabi: The Art of Fame through Social Media


Turki bin Mashhour Al Dhiyabi: The world has become small with the presence of the Internet, specifically social networking programs, which are increasing day by day. Fame has become easy for everyone, as anyone can easily become famous through programs with quick links to followers. But there are arts that make you a famous person in record time. One of these arts is confidence in the face of the public and daring, if you lose courage, you will not reach fame. Boldness and confidence must be based on positive, not negative, customs and traditions.


Achieving fame is a dream shared by many people around the world. Fame was previously meant to be in the public eye and the mass media, but the creation of the Internet made it possible to achieve fame electronically. If you can find a suitable environment for you and use the best means to expand your online presence, you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming famous online.


Analyze the community you want to integrate into. Communities arise from different people who share the same interests and exchange ideas together. Some people in the community create electronic content and gain fame through it. Find similar content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube and visit forums. Your analysis of creators or celebrities will introduce you to potential competitors and fans.


Turki Bin Mashhour Al Dhiabi: The Art of Fame through Social Media


Think about what you can do with your current gear. Achieving fame online requires different levels of computer equipment depending on what you plan to do. If you are going to stream games online, you will need a computer with high memory content, a good processor, and a fast internet connection. If you are creating video content, you will need a camera and a powerful computer to edit the videos you create. If you want to become famous on social media, you will need a reliable phone. Make sure you have the right gear, or else you’ll find the quality of your content is low.


Narrow your choices and pick something to go with. After you do your research you will be able to narrow down your choices. Balance your desires and goals with what is realistic. Estimate your probability of success in society. Write down all the things you’re thinking of doing and weigh the pros and cons. Once you’ve narrowed it down, pick something to go with and start creating a plan.


Register on at least two social media platforms. Choose two social media platforms and update them regularly.

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