UFC Fight Night Anthony Smith dominates Ryan Spann

UFC Fight Night Anthony Smith dominates Ryan Spann

UFC Fight Night Anthony Smith dominates Ryan Spann


After totally dominating Ryan Spann on his thanks to a first-round submission ending within the main event of UFC Fight Night, Anthony Smith had lots of fight left in him. A fired-up Smith threw a bit further trash speak in when securing the faucet and security had to flood the polygon within the Apex facility in city to separate the fighters.


Smith dominated the action from the jump, pain Spann repeatedly on the feet with clean left hooks and overhand rights. Spann managed to survive the primary barrage from Smith however ne’er regained his bearings and continued to be bounced round the cage by the significant hearth.

Despite Spann’s best efforts to recover, he was born once more by Smith, however Smith did not permit Spann to come to his feet now. The veteran instead barred during a rear-naked choke to force the submission at the 3:47 mark of spherical one.


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Smith right away ought to his feet and stood over Spann, taunting reciprocally for what he seemed to be disrespectful speak prior to the fight. As Spann walked toward Smith and therefore the 2 continued to exchange words, security hurried the polygon and unbroken the fighters separated till cooler heads prevailed and therefore the 2 shared many handshakes and hugs.


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