Washington Redskins Have 15 Former Employees Accuse The Organization Of Sexual Harassment

Washington Redskins Have 15 Former Employees Accuse The Organization Of Sexual Harassment

Washington Redskins Have 15 Former Employees Accuse


It appears that the Washington Redskins NFL team, which is already under fire and changing its ethnically insensitive name, is now also facing the massive problem of sexual harassment by team leaders.

A Washington Post report says 15 former Indian employees have accused the organization of sexual harassment and of promoting a toxic culture of abuse.

Fifteen former NFL staff in Washington told the Washington Post that they had been sexually harassed while working at the club, according to a report released Thursday.

The allegations range from 2006 to 2019, according to the newspaper, and range from inappropriate notes on women’s bodies or their clothes to verbal abuse. The Post also details allegations of sexual harassment from two newspapers, one of which still covers the team.

Lawyer Beth Wilkinson, who told USA TODAY Sports, said her company will examine “the culture, policies and excellence of the NFL team – based in Ashburn, Virginia – and has kept the Wilkinson Lawyer Law Office to consider the matter. Allegations of professional misconduct. ” (ESPN first said it hired the company).

The five employees accused do not include the controversial owner Dan Snyder. But three of them left the organization last week when WaPo presented their findings to the team and asked for comments.

The theft left radio announcer Larry Michael (retired Wednesday), deputy director of professional personnel Richard Mann II (launched last week), director of professional personnel Alex Santos (launched last week) and former director of operations Mitch Gershman (who left in 2015) and former chief operating officer Dennis Green (who left in 2018).

In response to a text message requesting comment, team spokesperson Sean Deparbury referred USA TODAY Sports to the team’s statement in The Post history.

“The Washington Redskins football team takes staff behavior problems seriously,” the team told the newspaper. “Although we do not speak publicly about specific cases of employees, when new allegations of behavior in conflict with these policies are made, we deal with them immediately.”

The National Football League can crack down on Snyder. Former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richarson was forced to sell his team after a 2017 investigation of sexual misconduct. Snyder has owned Native Americans since 1999.

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