5 Ways to Support George floyd and help black lives matter

5 Ways to Support George floyd and help black lives matter

How to Support George floyd and help black lives matter

On May 25, a black man named George Floyd was killed in the American city of Minneapolis. The footage shows police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck for about nine minutes, while George Floyd repeats, “I can’t breathe.” Chauvin has since been charged with murder for the death of George Floyd. No charges have yet been laid against three other police officers who were present at Floyd’s death.

Police’s violent death of George Floyd sparked protests, first in Minneapolis and then in more than 200 American cities – with solidarity demonstrations worldwide. The protests highlighted the cause of “Black Life”, a decentralized movement founded in 2013 in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin and other black Americans. Today, people of all races, living in dozens of countries, are looking for ways to help.

1. Come to Protest
Throughout history, public protests have been crucial to the visibility and success of civil rights campaigns – of women winning the LGBTQ + rights vote. Since mass public gatherings are still prohibited in many countries, it may seem difficult to take to the streets at the moment. But many events are still in progress, social distancing and the wearing of masks being encouraged. And some protest acts are being arranged that don’t need you to go further than your door.

2. Read
Learn racism in America with the books below from local retailers (note that some companies may be closed due to protests or there may be longer shipping times):

3. Sign a petition
There are a number of pending petitions after the murder of George Floyd, and you can add your name now. #JusticeforFloyd and Justice for George Floyd demands the arrest and accusation of all officers present at Floyd’s death.

4. Show solidarity on social networks
From the original #BlackLivesMatter tag to social media blackout on June 2, 2020, online campaigns have been one of the most effective ways to show support and educate friends and subscribers to the anti-racism movement. You can post links to resources or collect donations, express your support and solidarity, and share everything you find useful. Just be sure to prioritize black votes and don’t talk to anyone with real direct experience on the issues.

5. Supporting black creators and business owners
If you want to help people on an individual level, the best way to start is to support the creative and commercial efforts of black people. Hiring black people; Buy their books, music or movies; Donate their pages to Patreon; Amplify their voice by sharing or retweeting; They frequent shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. (We have guidelines for black-owned companies replacing York, Miami, Chicago, and LA.)

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