Biden or Trump – who wins election 2020 in USA ?

Biden or Trump – who wins election 2020 in USA ?

is Joe Biden won or Trump ?

is Usa people decides who gets to be president ? answer is no .

Instead, a candidate has to win the majority in a system called the electoral college, where each state gets a certain number of votes or “electors” roughly in proportion to its population. If you win a state, you win all its votes (except Nebraska and Maine, but that’s complicated). There are 538 state votes and the person who gets 270 wins the prize.

the result of the elections usa 2020

The result was that Joe Biden won this majority and is now the official president of the United States of America with 290 votes against 214 for former President Trump.


What’s on the Biden agenda

In the final days of the race, Trump dismissed the pandemic even more bluntly than before — as cases soared to new records in key electoral states like Wisconsin.

Biden, on the opposite hand, promised to right away marshal the resources of the federal toward tackling the pandemic. He has promised that his administration will centralize decision-making on distributing testing and private protective equipment. He will push for universal mask usage and has urged Congress to pass a considerable coronavirus relief package within the first weeks of his administration.

The longtime policy expert has also vowed to repair the international alliances that are frayed by four years of an isolationist, treaty-busting Trump administration, beginning with a reentry into the Paris climate accords.(The U.S. withdrawal from the accord actually became official the day after polling day .)

Over the course of the campaign, Biden embraced many of the more progressive policy goals of his onetime primary rivals. He’ll enter office vowing an agenda inspired by the transformative New Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Biden wants to retool the Affordable Care Act by adding a public, government-run option; invest $2 trillion in green energy and transform the country’s energy production to almost entirely renewable sources over subsequent 15 years; and make massive investments in education and child care, including universal pre-kindergarten and tuition-free public college for middle- and lower-income students.

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