Microsoft confirms that the Xbox Series S will be priced at $ 299

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox Series S will be priced at $ 299

Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S will be priced at $ 299

Microsoft has confirmed by means of its official Xbox Twitter account that small scale Xbox support does not contain any discs called Series S to be released with the next Xbox Series X. The S Series was leaked Monday night, first by Brad Sams on Twitter, and also Standard Walking Cat. An Xbox account tweeted a picture of the same small structure dominated by a large round grille, and said the estimated retail price at launch for the new reassure variant would be $ 299.

Sams’ original leak also includes the $ 299 price tag and the leaked Walking Cat video with more details – including a sign that reassurance is 60% more dainty than the upcoming X Series, but includes an NVMe SSD. high speed with a capacity of 512 GB, with exhibitions offering a resolution of up to 1440 pixels at 120 standard pictures second, as well as a 4K upgrade. It will also support DirectX ray tracking. Update: Xbox also released the same official trailer on Tuesday, confirming the legality of the leaked form and officially linking the fight date to November 10.

The accompanying image gives a better look at the S-series than the first image leaked, as it shows how thin it is and confirms the lack of a drive. As with the leaked pictures, the Xbox Series S was filmed standing up, but the Xbox logo bearing indicates that it should be used more commonly in a traditional horizontal design.

It’s promoting about the announcement now – Microsoft says it will share more information “soon”.

There have been rumors of the S-Series landing alongside the X-Series, which Microsoft officially first announced in December 2019 (what is 2019, was it real?). The S-series is essentially a barebone, underperforming rendition of the X-series, with no true 4K rendering and much less processing power – but it looks like it will still be able to play next-gen games, albeit probably less impressive. .

Sony’s next-gen Xbox and PS5 were both launched largely by means of massive drip campaigns, and pre-order and availability details remain close to the box for basic comforts, which has frustrating interactivity. Fans. We at least now know that November 10 is the official Xbox Series S availability date.

Windows Central reports that the X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10, with the previously announced top-of-the-line X series selling for $ 499. As The Verge previously reported, the S-series (codenamed Lockhart) is designed to play next-gen games in a smaller, cheaper bundle with less GPU power and lower than foray resolution. that of the X series.


reported by techcrunch

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