Exclusive Your Apple device may finally let you edit iMessage texts soon

Exclusive Your Apple device may finally let you edit iMessage texts soon

  Apple has patented to interact with iMessage scripts.


Ever wish you could correct a typo you sent on iMessage, or change the word “duck” to what you really meant? Apple might have a solution for you soon.

According to an Apple patent application posted to the USPTO and discovered by Apple Insider, Apple is working on new ways for users to interact with iMessage texts.

Most notable of all is the potential ability to edit those messages, which could be a much-welcomed upgrade for the typo-prone.

Check out our iPhone SE 2020 review The best Apple phones to buy right now Our picks for the best chat apps The images in the patent show the familiar contextual menu you see when long-pressing on an iMessage, including the ability to copy a message or react to it using various emotes.

However, this new version of the menu also includes an “edit” button, which would provide a quick way to correct a mistake or add additional context to a message.(Image credit: USPTO)Don’t expect this to be a tool for taking back nasty messages, though.

New effects and patent enhancements of Apple

According to the patent images, edited messages will be marked as such, and people may be able to see a revision history for any iMessages that have been altered via a “show edits” option.The Apple patent also outlines new full-screen special effects (such as one that would play when you text someone “congratulations”) as well as improved uses for Apple Pay within a text.

As this is just a patent, there’s no guarantee that these improved iMessage features will come to iOS 14 or a future software update. But the ability to edit texts would be one of the most significant upgrades yet for Apple’s texting platform, and could help it better compete with third-party options.

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