ZOOM: K.Kardashian Shares Her Lighting Secret To Looking pretty on zoom meetings

ZOOM: K.Kardashian Shares Her Lighting Secret To Looking pretty on zoom meetings

ZOOM: K.Kardashian Shares Her Lighting Secret

Say whatever you want about Kim Kardashian, but the girl knows how to work from her angles and how to combine a professional lighting setup at all times.

While sharing a snapshot of her study session late Sunday night (in case she forgot, Kim Kardashian West is set to add Esquire to the end of her epic brand name), the media star Social gave her followers information about her brilliant secret to looking her best online. Because really, how disappointing it would be if Kim looked like a normal person when you were chatting on Zoom meeting !? Like, she’s the girl who changed the world by spreading the word on the Lumee phone case with built-in selfie light.

While some influencers still set up giant light tripods behind their laptops, Kim loves this easy-to-use little Zoom Lite from L3. The long, thin light cuts right above the laptop and comes in three different brightness types (warm white, natural white, and light blue).

Get ready to be the cutest person on all of your Zoom calls!

After releasing her laptop at the start of the study session, Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to refer to her lighting setup, which included a thin strip of light that was clipped directly to the top of her screen. “Best lighting for my zoom sessions,” she wrote, adding, “It’s not an advertisement! Love it.”

The light in question is from L3 LEDzign and, according to their Instagram page, it’s not a brand the Kardashians stumbled upon. In a comment on a May post, the company explained, “We built this for @ kimkardashian, and all of the kuwtk so that their makeup lamp matches the same light they’re filming the show with.”

I’m sure the Kardashians take only the best when it comes to their Zoom lighting, so if this L3 LEDzign makes me look half as good as it looks in their selfies, I really want to buy it. . Of course, now that she’s promoted it in her story, it’s only a matter of time before it’s sold out – for now, the site says L3’s Zoomlite is low in. stock, but it’s still available for just $ 70.


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